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Measure bracelet size

There are two ways to find out what size bracelet you should order. You can either measure your wrist circumference with a tape measure or use a thread to determine the size.

Measure with the tape measure:

When measuring with a tape measure, you can directly read the circumference of your wrist in centimetres. The sizes of our bracelets are given in centimetres, so that your measured length corresponds to the size of our bracelets.

Measure with a thread:

When measuring with a thread, place it around your wrist until it overlaps and then measure the length of the thread to that point.

Step 1: Take a thin thread and wrap it around the wrist where you want to wear the bracelet. Make sure the thread is not too tight or cutting, you can also extend the length if you prefer a looser fit.

Step 2: Mark the point where the thread overlaps.

Step 3: Measure the length of the thread in centimetres.

Step 4: The measured length in centimetres corresponds to the size of the bracelet.